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Are we facing a transformation of production methods towards sustainable and low-carbon beef?

In the „Farm to Fork” strategy, the European Commission emphasized that the new policy regarding beef will support the promotion of the most sustainable and low-emission production methods. This direction of change will be confirmed in the provisions of subsequent European Commission legislation.

Will the NSP help the transition towards sustainable, low-carbon production?

Will the interventions proposed by member states in the draft NSPs prepare beef producers for the new challenges of sustainable and low-carbon beef production? Can they still be modified to support the transition? What changes could help the transformation towards sustainable production? How to conduct this operation to motivate beef farmers through benefits rather than costs? We will try to answer these questions and more

What are these sustainable and low-carbon production methods?

There is no official definition for sustainable production yet. However, the beef industry organizations created their own defined term. Therefore, the question arises: should the industry organizations formulate their own definition and submit it to the European Commission?

Read more on the Polish Sustainable Beef Website (link PPZW)

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