Alix Neveu
Alix Neveu

Alix Neveu is a French Engineer in Agronomy, specialised in Livestock products and Food Science. She was R&D brand manager for a French beef processor while completing her degree. Since 2020, Alix has led beef quality R&D projects in Europe and abroad for the International Meat Research 3G Foundation. Alix has been an accredited 3G grader for 4 years with her passion, strongly related to her family farming background, to apply practical science and technologies and share knowledge to enhance and promote the meat industry through improved meat eating quality. Alix is committed to empowering the industry to deliver more consistent, higher value meat meal experiences supported by strong branding, She believes this will increase profitability through higher consumer satisfaction driving price and demand in conjunction with increased consumer support for beef producers and their natural delicious and nutritious product rather than consider ultra-processed fad foods.


Innovation, Eating Quality management - benefits for farmers
  • 15:35 - 16:35
  • 60 min
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