Knud Buhl
Director, Danish Bacon & Meat Council,
Knud Buhl
Director, Danish Bacon & Meat Council,

1978                     Master’s degree from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark

1978-1986           Civil Servant in the Danish Ministry of Agriculture. Office responsible for EU-market politics, EU-coordination, GATT, OECD and third Countries. Danish spokesman in the working group of Council of Ministers concerning pig meat as well as participant in Management Committee Meetings for pig meat.

1980-1983           Agricultural Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Bonn

1986                     Consultant at the Danish Agricultural Council in Copenhagen. Office responsible for international relations, general trade- and EU-politics.

1987                     Director of International Affairs, Danish Bacon and Meat Council (Pig meat Danish Agricultural Council), Brussels. Primarily responsible for the pig Meat industry with the EU-administration and other international authorities and organisations. European business relations and trade aspects to third countries mainly USA, Japan and South Korea.

2003-    Director, Danish Bacon & Meat Council, Copenhagen and Brussels Department for International Trade.


The role of the Common Agricultural Policy in sustainable transformation
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